Corporate programs

Training and HR Interventions

We offer various training solutions on HRD,  to  teams and corporates through various appropriate interventions and modules. Some of our Services are Performance Appraisals, Team building, Action Leadership, Large group interactive events ects.

Stress Management Interventions

At Atbudas, we facilitate Organisations, with a set of interventions, aimed at reducing stress at the work spot and beyond. These activities will also facilitate improving overall employee-well being and thereby contributing to enhanced Performance and Productivity. These interventions will address the root-cause of stress and reduce the impact of stress on individuals and teams.Various tools like Role Play, Time Management and Anger management Techniques as well as Stress busters like Meditation, Breathing techniques will be used suitably.

Team Building and Transactional Analysis

We would help Organisations, with effective Team Building interventions , to build a cohesive work Force with greater Synergy. These interventions are designed to bring in mutual trust, respect individual differences and support each other in a team, for better performance.

These interventions would be Personality- based, Activity- based, Skill- based or Problem Solving- based as per organizational needs. These would enable employees to learn from each other and also take up leadership roles. Basically all these interventions would foster healthy competition and Problem-Solving,

Transactional Analysis is a psycho analytic theory developed by Eric Bernes which addresses the ego states of individuals during transactions or interactions. TA will be used as a method of Therapy for better understanding of individuals in a team and removing conflicts in a team.

Performance Apparaisals

As we all know, Performance Appraisals are a systematic and Periodic Process of measuring individuals work performance against job requirements or fulfilment of tasks and targets against pre- determined plans and Key performance areas. 

We assist Organisations in developing appropriate performance Appraisal Systems like MBO,
Assessment Centres, 360 degrees feedback and Employee Performance management Systems etc.

Large Group Interactive Sessions

We facilitate Corporates involving a big work-force, with appropriate Large group Interactive sessions, to effectively Communicate vital company policies and relevant issues. These aim at effectively communicating matters like Organisational Culture, Company Credo, Mission and Vision along with company Performance and Productivity targets. These large group sessions also help in Problem-Solving and identifying bottlenecks.

Management Development Programs

We facilitate Corporates with various Management Development Programs for various levels. These involves a series of programs on Leadership, Managerial Effectiveness, Building Creativity and Innovation, Cost-Control measures and Customised Training Programs.