Care for Old and Elderly


Generally, Society neglects old and elders as spent-force, who are considered incompetent and obsolete. Consequently, they are given inadequate support and their skills slowly deteriorate. Even families ignore their needs and concerns. They are considered a burden, while the fact is that their valuable experiences can be tapped, as learning for the youth.These days, quality of life and health care of elderly people are emerging as critical concern even for Indian society, because of the fast changing social and family structures.

In view of the alarming proportion of neglect and abuse of elderly by society and in some cases even family members, Geriatrics or Gerontology which deals with care of elderly people has become inevitable.

On the one hand, old age brings in a lot of physical and psychological changes, which needs great care and assistance to cope with. On the other hand, they also suffer from various physical problems like declining health, lower mobility, infections, injuries, mental slow down, Senility, Dementia, Depression, loneliness etc. They need all the empathy, support and care.

Further, due to rapid commercialization and globalization, children and next generation, have very little time to spend with elderly and most prefer to off load this responsibility to professional agencies.

While big hospitals in metropolis have separate Geriatrics wing, we at “ATBUDAS" are very keen on hand-holding, guiding and counselling elderly and their families and guardians for a good quality of life even at a ripe old age. Our counselling and guidance would include Health & Nutrition, Medical Care, Nursing services, Community living, coping with emotional problems like loneliness, depression etc. We would guide them on how to keep themselves active, engaged and involved so that they feel happy and satisfied. We would even give them a platform to share their valuable experiences with others. We would collaborate with various agencies for the betterment of the old and elderly in our society.