Services for Differently-abled


We have a magnificent obsession, to make a difference in the lives of the differently–abled. Our aim is to empower and mainstream them.

We firmly believe in achieving this, by simply challenging disability in whatever form and overcoming it with the indomitable human spirit and resilience.

Our focus is on total inclusion of the differently-abled. We have a burning desire to change the attitude of the society towards these children and adults.

We want to prove the point, that they can be made to be active and contributing members of the society. We are keen on giving a platform to these children and adults to show case their talents and special skills.

Our team is well-equipped to give all necessary guidance and assistance to the parents and family members of the differently-abled regarding the following:

1.  Special Education/Vocational training/Career guidance and economic independence 
2.  Statutory provisions and enabling laws- which will enable them to leverage these to their full potential 
3.  Organising Self-help groups 
4.  Health and Nutrition 
5. Building confidence and independence