This is the quote of BILL MICKIBBEN, an American environmentalist, Author and Journalist who has written extensively on Global warming and he is also the leader of the ANTI-CARBON campaign.

The quote is suggesting that all is not well with the World. It goes one step above and says that the World is having a fever and we, the dwellers of the world are the therapists and Doctors who have to attend on this patient. It talks about the evils faced by us as the citizens of this World. As the World evolved, the problem also evolved and the result is the various problems that we come across today. If we have to survive, the fever has to be arrested, contained and cured or it will eat us all in toto.


Now-a-days so many new diseases are cropping up on a regular basis which affects us all. The World is put to constant exposure to theses disease causing germs. If un-attended and Un-cared, these germs would enter us and eat us all. The causes and issues are many, most of which can be avoided with a little action and care from our side. We cannot simply wish them away. We have to take a tough stand or there will be no redemption. The first and foremost lesson we have to learn is to stop digging further when we are already in a pit.


We face many problems from the Climatic changes, Pollution, Radiation, Global warming, new and unheard Diseases cropping up and the food we cultivate becoming un fit for consumption. The Climatic changes are due to the variation in our Life style and the consumption of unfit Edible which turn out to be not fit for consumption at all. We have, knowingly destroyed the forests and woods. This has not only affected the Poets like Keats, Shelly, Words worth and Shakespeare but also you and me, the ordinary living folks of the World. We have created a Concrete Jungle and now, we are gasping for Breath. We have forgotten the proverb, "As you sow, so you reap". This has affected the Oxygen availability in the atmosphere and also disturbed the Rain Cycle. There are no adequate trees to absorb the Carbon Di Oxide and give us pure Oxygen. The Industries are causing havoc with their Industrial waste. In places like DELHI, the air is so bad and unfit for breathing. The pollution is killing us with Respiratory disorders. Still we go ahead with the mass production of petrol and Diesel vehicles, producing green house gases and complain later about Pollution.


ALL the above and other causes have resulted in the Global Warming which brings with it the unwanted guest called the Disease. The Water bodies are contaminated and have become unfit for any use. Our Grand Fathers and the Great Grand Fathers lived a very healthy and active Life till their 80’s or 90’s. Many of the present day Diseases were totally un known to them. Now, the Spectacle users for the Eye disorders have increased many folds. I remember my father even at the age of 80 could read without the help of a Reading Glass. These and many more are the problems or Diseases we face today.


The Disease affects you, me and all. So it becomes our responsibility to find a suitable therapy and medicine to cure the evil. It is our duty to make this world fit for living, where people can feel secured and Disease free. Inaction is not an option and it is a do-or-die situation. The present generation is more Science oriented and Science can solve problems. Let us produce a better atmosphere to develop more Scientist who can tackle the problems. Let us all jointly develop an immuno thearpy which would help the World. We become the anti bodies to fight the Diseases affecting the World and the society at large.


The World is not only having a fever and other Disease, but is in the INTENSIVE CARE unit and if immediate and sustained treatment is not given it will not survive and along with it, it will drag us also to the cemetery, including the coming generations. So the Diseases are to be treated with a high dose of Anti bodies like Discipline, Dedicated work, Practicality, Patriotism and compassion not only for the living but also for the Nature. Let us all unite and take a corrective measure and no measure is small as little drops make an OCEAN. Let us create the awareness of the consequences waiting if we are inactive or fail to take immediate measure. We are running out of time and Action is the magic word here.


We have waited long and we have allowed all these Diseases to set in. We have already seen the ARCTIC melting. New reports of Disaster and Droughts are pouring in daily. It is the duty of the Worlds Citizen, i.e., we, take the role of a Doctor and attend to this Disease immediately on a war footing as otherwise we will lose the world. Please remember that we have only one World, which we have to leave safe and secure for the future generations. We owe it to our Children to make them Healthy and Happy. Already many great persons like Martin Luther King, Edison, Madam Curie, C V Raman and APJ Abdul Kalam have shown the way and it is possible to have a healthy, happy and a disease free world. The above quote is nothing but the old Adage which tells us to light a Lamp instead of blaming the darkness, meaning the relief is in our hands only.