Our fore fathers have a way of advising us on various matters through simple quotes. One such quote is that of THOMAS ALVA EDISON( 1847-1931). He was an American Inventor and Businessman who developed many devices which greatly influence our life. The above quote first appeared in HARPERS monthly magazine around 1902. Some others like COMTE DE BUFFON ( a k a George lacleric) have also expressed similar views,


The efforts bring the result. People call these great achievers as Genius. Genius is only a greater aptitude for patience to learn and achieve something. It is an infinite capacity to take pain on self. Genius is largely the result of hard work rather than a splash of thought. Many of the life's failures are those who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. The efforts bring success. The effort requires work and with the work comes pain and perspiration. There is nothing called Instant success or instant results. The Nature and the Science does not bestow anything on anybody freely and easily. Nothing is given away like Thais. The Nature and the Science make you to swet it out before you get even a trace of the success. Edison writes that he had carried out the experiment 3000 times before finding the lighting Filament for the Bulb. So all his Inventions are a product of hard work and toil. His perseverance and perspiration is what got him the name and the fame. The never sau DIE NA (give an easy medicine but alter the life style and the Diet. Everyone has to sweat it out before going anywhere near the success. None of the inventions have come without efforts or by accidents. So an achiever is a talented person who has done all of his home work properly.


The lives of some of the great personalities and some events justify the quote. We won our Independence after a great struggle and perspiration. The great sports personalities sweat it out before they get any recognition. The many time Olympic Gold medal winners in Gymnastics like LARISA LATINA (56,60,64), POLINA SHTAKOVA(56, 60, 64), VERA CASLAVSKA had to sweat it out for decade to achieve and sustain their success. Our own Tendulkar, P T usha. P V Sindhu, NAiwal ,Leander pace,Ramanathan Krishnan and the world Chess Chmpion for decades Viswanathan Anand have all attributed their success to hard work. Recently there was a movie by Amir Khan, called the DANGAL which was based on a true life story of 2 Sisters coming from a poor and illiterate Village attained glory only thriough their Hard work and Perspiration. The growth and the success of the Ambanis and the DCM group vouch for this. Today in Chennai, we have a huge stores selling everything possible and employing thousands of people started on the platform and the only asset was the willingness to toil it out. The establishment is called SARAVANA STORES. This establishment is built brick by brick, and no miracle has happened.

So everything comes to a person willing to work hard till the desired goal is achieved. The 1% inspiration is only a minor catalyst and has to be developed by 99% perspiration Aspire. inspire and perspire to go near the Victory stand. Without these it will be only desperation. Inspiration with the perspiration will lead to Jubilation. otherwise only desperation.