During the early sixties a melodious Hindi song was doing the rounds all over the country. The song was not only melodious but was full of inspiring and encouraging messages about the benefits of the Team Work. The song "SAATHI HAATH BADANA SAATHI, EK AKELA THUk JAYEGA" is still enjoyable and meaningful even to this day. It explained the need of the Team work and the various benefits that comes along with that.

There are many works which can be done better only by the Teamwork. The Team work can be defined as a work undertaken by a group of individuals collectively for a common cause. The work which cannot be achieved otherwise becomes possible by the efforts of many people working together. It is a guarantee for a definite positive and desired result.

Right from Childhood, our Children are taught about the importance of the Team Work. The stories from the Panchatantra emphasizes about the need and necessity for the team work for survival and development. The lesson to 'a group of cows to stay and graze together to fight back the Tiger' and the story of 'many sticks bound together to make it strong and Unbreakable' are a few examples.

Whether it is the House or Office or the Nation, only the Team work succeeds against all odds. The classic example is the case of 'ISRAEL', a country surrounded on all sides by hostile countries who have taken a vow to eliminate 'Israel' from the world map. Israel has not only survived the hostilities, but has become strong and more powerful and self sufficient. This has become possible because of the collective and the Team Work of its citizens.

The launching of the 'APOLLO' to the Moon was also a collective work of so many and particularly that of "Edwin Aldrin and Neel Armstrong". In the Epic 'MAHABARATHA', the team work of "Pandavas", even though they were less in numbers compared to their opponents "Kauravas" won the battle. Many stalwarts fighting for "Duriyodhan" fought the battle as individuals and the result was the 'Team work of Pandavas' won.

In any efforts, whether it is a work or a Game, only the Team work wins. All the work done collectively as a Team ensure better performance, better acceptability and the best results. Our own "AMUL" is classic example for the Team work.

In a nutshell we can define the TEAM = TOGETHER EACH CAN ACHIEVE MORE.