This phrase can be used to describe many areas of our lives, both personal and professional. It also indicates the human nature to be sheltered in a comfort zone and enjoy the predictable outcome. In other words, many of us do not want to do something new or experiment with an idea. The reason is the lack of knowledge about the possible outcome and our inability to deal with any results which are contrary to our expectations. So, many are contended to do the known and tried things and walk on the same path which has already been treaded many times. The main reason could be the fear of failure and the inability to cope up with the unexpected results.


The word CONTENTMENT is wrongly understood by many and people does not want to leave the safety zone. There is no desire to go out and try something new. People forget that nothing ventured is nothing gained. By leaving the comfort zone the process of Learning and growth starts. A child leaves the safety of the mother's lap to go to the School. The child’s learning starts only by leaving the comfort zone. Imagine the consequences of the Child not leaving the comfort zone of the Mother's lap. The result will be catastrophic. By moving out of the comfort zone one may be faced with awkward and uncomfortable situation. Actually this is the stage for the transformation to Success and Glory. The Caterpillar struggles to come out of the cocoon, but when it comes out, it comes out as a Butterfly. So the awkwardness and un-comforts are the process of metamorphosis. It reminds us of the adage NO PAIN, NO GAIN.


The main reason for the people not to leave the comfort zone and venture out on new ideas is the fear of the failure. Fear of the Society's ridicule and adverse comments. But, once one overcomes and achieve Success, the same Society will be standing in a Q to shake the hands. When one tries anything new there is bound to be setbacks and stumbling blocks, But once we overcome this the result is achievement and glory only. The Trial and venturing out will lead to the road of happiness. Imagine if we have not learned to walk because of the fear of falling and failing. The same applies to learning or trying anything new. It is but natural that we will come across many initial problems but all the problems are surmountable and will lead to greater happiness. The initial failures are due to the fact that the things are not done as it should be done.


Thomas Alva Edison's many initial experiments did not yield the desired results and as usual people ridiculed him on his failures. He responded by saying, ''If, I fail a thousand times in my experiment, it is actually a positive outcome as the above thousand experiments should not be conducted in the way it is now done". It is an indication and warning that the Experiments are to be conducted using different methods and different formulae. Hence one should not get discouraged by the failures as it is only an indication that we have to do it in a different way. Thus, the initial failure does serve a purpose and tells us to change our working methods. Hence one should not be disturbed or discouraged by initial failure because every wrong attempt discarded is a step forward. So there is no place for fear and shyness. Being careful in one's venture is not the same as a fear of failure or fear of ridicule. Fear is a temporary feeling which has to be overcome. Initial teething problems are always bound to be there and it should not be a deterrent


Living eternally in a comfort zone is definitely a negative approach and will lead to Lethargy and Unproductiveness. If there is no growth then it is only a Death which will take us to the Graveyard. Not trying is the death of our Ambitions and Talents. It deprives of the fruitful benefits that can be achieved by venturing out of a comfort zone. The Comfort zone addict does not want to rise to the full potential and does not want a solution to some solvable problems. Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin left their comfort zone and ventured in to the totally unknown sky to reach the moon. They did succeed in their attempts and as long as the moon is there, people will remember and talk about Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin. Had our Thomas Alva Edison remained in his comfort zone, the World would be Darker today. Of course the Grave yard is a comfort zone without any care or problem. All of us are definitely going to go there, but till such time we go there, let us keep trying. It is entirely up to us to choose what we want, an Active and fruitful life or the peace of a corpse.


The life in a comfort zone is predictable with predictable results. Stepping out of this zone is challenging as when you venture out on new things uncertainty awaits you. Leaving the comfort zone is challenging but unimaginable gifts wait for the trier. Mainly, it takes away any regret feelings one may develop at a later stage that he or she has not lived the life to its optimum potential. It would be very sickening to feel and regret that the Life offered so many chances and opportunities and yet we did not try as we were in a comfort zone. We may not be always successful in all our ventures but at least we will have the satisfaction of not wasting any chance or an opportunity and we did go out the extra mile from the comfort zone. A fish cannot climb a tree but it is not expected of it also. Similarly certain ventures may be beyond one's ability and in such cases it is advisable to act wisely and accept gracefully that certain matters are beyond one's efforts. But we should also remember that the Bird starts flying only when it comes out of the comfort zone of its nest. So it is up to us whether to aim for flying or lying in the comfort zone. Above all we should remember that, we are existing today, because our mothers left the comfort zone of our grandparents as a Girl and ventured in to an unknown journey called the Marriage. This venturing out has promoted the Girl in to a Mother and later on to a Grand and Great grandmother and thus kept the World going on. But for the ventures of all the girls from the comfort zone to an unknown area called Marriage there will be no World today.