Disciplinary Proceedings


A disciplined atmosphere is the basic factor which contributes to increased Productivity, Profitability, Sustainability and Brand Image of any organisation. Consequently, all organisations aim at promoting discipline without compromise on the principles of natural justice. It is therefore imperative that employee discipline, in and beyond workplace is crucial for any organisation.

Simply stating, employee discipline is the regulations or conditions that are imposed on employees by management in order to either correct or prevent behaviors that are detrimental to an organization. To achieve this objective, both positive / preventive and punitive / corrective systems, schemes and procedures are essential. Positive measures could be achieved through training, coaching, counselling, mentoring and appropriate role-models. 

It is only when these approaches fail that disciplinary action becomes necessary. Discipline is only for culpable behavior, when the employee knows the rules and expectations and is capable of meeting them, but chooses not to. 

Ultimately the aim of HR intervention is to facilitate in achieving the right conduct or behavior of employees, for the betterment of the employees & organization.

At ATBUDAS, our team would facilitate organizations at the crucial role of maintaining discipline through the following systems :


Assisting line management in determining and developing appropriate disciplinary procedures.

2. Effective communication of these conduct & discipline, rules & regulations throughout the length & breadth of the organization through appropriate communication tools.
3.  Conducting departmental enquiries and giving accurate findings to enable Disciplinary Authorities to take appropriate remedial actions.
4.  Ensuring that disciplinary policies and procedures conforms to the statutory legal provisions of the State.