Counselling Services

We at ATBUDAS, firmly believe that counselling is a therapy. In simple terms, it is nothing but a talking therapy. Talking therapies can help all sorts of people in many different situations.

In fact, counselling and psychotherapy are terms which involves the same process. It relates to overcoming personal difficulties and working towards positive changes.

At  ATBUDAS we have a team who are well-versed with the process of counselling and can handle  individual, family and group counselling.

Our aim is to offer constructive and positive ways to deal  with difficult personal, workfront and family situations.

We are equipped to offer utmost caring and  professional help to deal with problems like:

1. Marital & Conjugal disharmony
2. Work-place Maladjustment
3. Chronic Alcoholism and related Absenteeism at work place
4. Chronic depression due to bereavement, death of near and dear ones
5. Adolescent Deviant Behaviour
6. Chronic Stress due to job pressures or illness
7. Anxiety and depression related to old age, loneliness, suicidal tendency etc.

We facilitate various self-help groups to address chronic addictions and related family and social problems.

We facilitate individuals, families and groups, to help themselves, to analyse their problems and find ways and means to mitigate them and start afresh in life.

At ATBUDAS, we are aware that each individual is unique and that we should not fit our clients into a standard DO’s and DON'Ts. 

With our empathetic approach,we would facilitate our clients to introspect and have an objective analysis, to identify their problems and come up with positive, empowering solutions to self, family and Society, so that they can make a new beginning, as effective individuals and citizens.

We would help our clients with the following results:

1. Recognising ones own strengths and limitations.
2. Finding new  coping strategies.
3. Improved personal and professional relationships.
4. Increased Confidence.
5. Increased self-esteem.
6. Realizing that life is a great gift from God which is to be lived gloriously.

As our client, you will be positively and warmly accepted for all that you are. We will see your world and your relationship, as it appears to you.